School's Purpose

M.CT.M. Chidambaram Chettyar Matriculation Higher Secondary School will be a place where children should excel not only in academics but also combine with it an insight into Indiaís rich cultural heritage. The School will provide its Pupils proficiency in co-curricular activities, sports and games.

At M.Ct.M Chidambaram Chettyar Matriculation School , we believe a school should widen a young personís knowledge and demonstrate its usefulness; it should instill love and capacity for work; it should teach the basic art of communication; this includes not only the ability to express thoughts clearly and simply, but an understanding of human beings; it should instill a vision of the potential greatness of the human spirit and inspire each student to share in it.

We believe that studentís own family by their intelligence, interest and co-operation can make the young personís education important and meaningful. They can help keep life simple in spite of the tangle of stimuli with which the modern world confronts us.

We believe that we are training students to take their places among other human beings with confidence in our nationís great traditions and the courage to adapt them to the challenges of a changing world.

The school has thus to enlist the co-operation of the home, strengthen its influence and make itself a radiant replica of the home.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of any good school should be to provide a well-rounded education for its pupils.

The primary aims that the M.CT.M. Chidambaram Chettyar Matriculation School has kept before itself are to develop the body, mind, intellect and conscience of the pupils and to help them to think how to use them in the service of the community and the country.

The School also aims at inculcating integrity, trust, diligence, compassion and tolerance, to see that courage and industry have their due reward and also to promote a spirit of enquiry in the young minds. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at our School rests on the positive belief that every individual has the ability to produce work of exemplary standards and only needs a gentle push from the teacher to soar to greater heights.

M.CT.M. Chidambaram Chettyar Matriculation School holds the conviction that these aims are best accomplished in groups, small enough so that the teacher can know the individual differences of the students, their strengths, aptitudes and their needs and can establish with each person a relationship of mutual confidence and understanding. In this atmosphere, the teacher is best able to kindle the studentís imagination, stimulate the studentís ability and strengthen self-confidence.

The School Motto

Our School Motto, which consists of three words ďSmile, Strive and SucceedĒ, enshrines the quintessence of the purpose and the philosophy of not only the learning process but of life itself. Wisdom lies in facing them all calmly without being ruffled and in overcoming them with composure. The smile is not only an indication of moral courage and self-confidence but also radiates joy around. Strive, one must to achieve great objectives in life. Hard, systematic and sincere toil can alone lead men and women to eminence. In such circumstances, success will crown our effort and we will achieve our objective. Success is the inevitable reward for selfless work done with equilibrium of mind. Our education will have fulfilled its lofty mission only if it helps us to smile away our obstacles in cheerful spirit, to strive with might and to succeed in achieving our objective namely, the acquisition of true wisdom.

Let us, therefore, learn to smile, strive and succeed.