Physical Education and Sport is an important part of the school curriculum. Regular timetabled classes, under the individual guidance of qualified Physical Education Teachers, are complemented through memberships in various sporting teams. The sporting programme is designed to develop in children a sense of responsibility to others within a team framework, a keen awareness of sportsmanship within an atmosphere of competition and high level of exercise and fitness. It aims to instill in the pupil an enjoyment of sport and feeling of self-confidence. Every pupil is encouraged to participate in some physical activity, whatever their natural ability, as achievement in a team can do much to increase confidence and self-esteem.

The school has a large playing field, which doubles as a Football field and an Athletic field for track events, Long jump, High jump, Discuss and all other main athletic events. There are two Cricket practice nets, one Basketball court, Volleyball court and Shuttle cock / Tennikoit court.

Every year there is a Friendly Match conducted between the School Team and the Alumni Team. There are a number of Inter House sports matches which are conducted as a run up to the annual sports day events. School teams actively take part in zonal level tournaments.